3 Essential Keys to Leading a Team

Winning at leading without beating your team.

Some leaders inspire and attract people, while others drive them away. Are you the reason employees on your team stay, or quit?

Don't just copy what average bosses do, learn to think and act like an engaging leader.

We take you on a short journey into the 3 Essential Keys of Leading a Team. It's not everything you need to lead; it's the essential people part: 

  • Positive Relationships 
  • People-Centered Purpose 
  • Collaborative Results. 

This is a hands-on, active journey to bring out the best in people around you.  This course takes everyday work situations and equips you to engage and collaborate more effectively.

The quest begins with personal feedback on your current mindset as a leader. Each of the 3 Keys then help you choose an activity to practice the mindset and strategy behind each key.

This course is for busy people wanting to improve as a leader. Which one sounds most like you? 

  • I'm supervising/managing people for the first time. 
  • I'm in transition to lead a larger or higher level team. 
  • I want to refocus after the pandemic or other crisis. 

This is a self-paced, independent course.

We're changing the work world one leader at a time... want to join us?

Paul has designed, customized, and trained professional growth and hiring tools for education, non-profits, and business for over 30 years. He's always ready to listen, ask good questions, and find a creative solution together.

Paul enjoys helping people like you continue growing into the leader staff and students want to become!

Quest Curriculum

  • 6 Levels
  • Coaching By Paul
  • Community Support
  • Level 01

    Getting Oriented

    We map out a journey to sharpen your own talents and skills, while bringing out the best in people around you.

  • Level 02

    Get Some Feedback

    Respond to a situational questionnaire about your views as a leader and receive a feedback report. This is designed to help you clarify your current leader mindset and help guide your path through this quest.

  • Level 03

    Essential Key 1: Positive Relationships

    We learn A LOT about a person's purpose as a leader based on how they describe working relationships. Are you connecting with people to work with them, or show them what you know?

  • Level 04

    Essential Key 2: People-Centered Purpose

    Great leaders are driven by helping others succeed and reach higher goals together.  Are you able to get out of the way and let them shine?

  • Level 05

    Essential Key 3: Collaborative Results

    In the end, we need to see results, right? What separates the average from excellent is whether leaders do accountability “to” people or “with” them.

  • Level 06

    Turning Practice into Habits

    We help you turn one or two of the activities into positive long-term goals and keep practicing these 3 Keys to make personal growth a way of life.

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