Teacher Interview 4.0 Workshop

Stop settling, and start hiring great teachers, every time!

This is a paid course for teams, as part of a client HR program. For individual access, contact us: service@crownglobalhr.com.


What's the cost of a bad hire - on students, staff, and you? What's the impact of a great teacher on the lives of everyone they touch?

Make hiring a effective team sport that goes beyond resumes, references, and a gut feeling!

This workshop prepares you to really listen to what people are saying so you can hear the difference between what just sounds nice and what is truly excellent.

We combine self-paced online learning to shape foundational ideas and skills blended with live sessions to practice coding. This course has three parts:

  1. Phase 1 Online and Live - learn the themes and practice with interview questions
  2. Practice work - submit a practice interview for Phase 2
  3. Phase 2 Live Session: feedback on practice, more practice toward certification standards

You'll learn to use an online interview with theme-based, structured questions and criteria that focus your listening on excellence and clearly document your process.

Why do people invest in this workshop? They...

  • Become a better listener, decision-maker, and coach.
  • Unify their hiring process and team with researched, structured tools.
  • Hire and coach teachers who bring out the talents of students and peers
  • Focus more on being the instructional leader and less on putting out fires.
  • Grow a culture of learning across the district.

Paul has designed, customized, and trained professional growth and hiring tools for education, non-profits, and business for over 30 years. He's always ready to listen, ask good questions, and find a creative solution together.

Paul enjoys helping people like you continue growing into the leader staff and students want to become!

Quest Curriculum

  • 7 Levels
  • Coaching By Paul
  • Community Support
  • Level 01

    Prepare to Depart

    Your mission is to do a little mental warm-up as we get started. It also helps us know you better as part of this workshop team.

  • Level 02

    Elements of Excellence

    In this mission, briefly comment on how the job interviews you’ve experienced over the years may still influence now.

  • Level 03

    5 Keys to Understanding Themes

    Life themes are more than a person’s knowledge or skill. They reflect who they are in living out their values. Everyone is blend of these patterns, but we tend to show a dominant overall theme in one of those areas.

  • Level 04

    The Full Teacher Life Themes

    This mission takes a closer look at two vital Teacher Life Themes of every top candidate.

  • Level 05

    Teacher Themes Applied to the Interview

    This mission takes you on a guided tour of how to use the interview correctly.

  • Level 06

    A Test Drive Before Going Live

    There's nothing like taking the wheel and personally taking a test drive.

  • Level 07

    Phase 1 Live Session

    Practice your coding with Test Drive 2 and calibrate your coding and discussion skills. Get the details on your practice work for Phase 2.

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Success Stories

  • Jay Clark


    ""Our staff selection and development tools contribute to our success more than any other thing we have done...Crown, we are blessed to have you working with us! Thank you.""

  • Dr. John Skretta


    ""We benefit immensely both individually and as a team. We continue to build on the learning as we go throughout the year together...We are proud to join Crown as a partner in lighting the flame and passing the flame on!""

  • Tim Alexander

    Assistant Superintendent for HR

    ""Crown provides critical information about potential new employees that impact our hiring decisions. They provide us a roadmap to build upon their strengths and areas for growth once they begin their career in Minnetonka.""

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